Life at Pune Business School

❖ Why Pune Business School is the best college for PGDM ?

The Pune Business School is a comprehensive academic PGDM college in Pune with a distinctive learning style with the best fees structure and a global vision. Post Graduate Diploma in Management course is a 2-year full-time program offered by Pune Business Schools in India. PGDM course of Pune Business School is a business-oriented study in terms of best employment perspective. PBS offers an international exposure foreign study tour program and the PGDM course follows a more practical approach to give management training and the curriculum comprises experiential learning through case studies to become more industry-ready according to the current market requirements. Pimpri-Chinchwad Education Trust is a trusted organization in the education field since 199O offering quality education and Pune Business School is an integral part of PCET group. The PCET has a long-term association and has signed MOU’s/co-operation agreements /strategic alliances with (number) leading academic institutions. PCET campuses are strategically located in PCMC and are surrounded by industrial & IT hubs / SEZ. Pune city is included in the top 5 cities in Maharashtra and the top 10 cities in India for education hub.

❖ Events

❖ Life at PBS

PCET’s PBS is a place for highly ambitious, talented students who want to excel in career and become hardcore professionals in management. We have a diverse learning community, with students from different states in the country. We have an excellent reputation for quality teaching and sustained high levels of student satisfaction. We bring in leadership with a blend of academic rigour and a hands-on applicability to real-world issues. Our students experience a completely different way of education as we offer PGDM program which creates a setting that presents a myriad of opportunities that will supplement and accentuate the student life experience.
We believe that one of the best reflections of our faculty is how amazing our students feel while learning at our campus. They learn while having a lot of fun, create life-time memories and experience a great life at PCET’s PBS. If you want to make a career in management to the next level, You should have aware of the Eligibility, Admission Process and Fee Structure of the PGDM courses.

❖ Student Committees

Being a student-managed and student-run institute, all key functions of the institute are ably supported by committed student bodies under faculty guidance – be it admissions, placements, web management or branding. Below is the list of all committees and clubs:

● Admissions Committee
● Alumni Committee
● Competition Committee
● Management Consulting Committee
● Students Leadership Committee
● Analytics Committee
● Branding & Public Relations Committee
● Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee
● Events Committee
● Finance Committee
● Food Committee
● Green Committee

● Yoga Committee
● Marketing Committee
● HR Committee
● Placement Committee
● Sports committee
● Student Academic Committee
● Student Life Committee

❖ Student Council

We are a student-driven institute, where students are encouraged to participate in the decision- making process that shapes their future as well as that of the institute. Our Students' Council is the student body responsible and accountable for all activities conducted on campus throughout the year. The teams consist of students from the first and second year led by coordinators. These coordinators, along with the President of the Students' Council, form an executive body to oversee all activities.
The teams work in the interest of the institute, the student community, industry and alumni in keeping the vision of the institute and striving towards excellence. The executive council is provided the independence to plan and set goals for their respective teams, and to efficiently use budgeted resources to accomplish them. The Director and Faculty Chairperson offer their guidance and support.

❖ Student Initiatives and Student Clubs

Moving in several directions at different speeds, often simultaneously, we evince the ability to excel at multi-faceted interests. The various Student-run clubs and committees demonstrate the holistic development of the students and enhance the overall diversity at our campus.

“ProSmart Club” is the Professional Development Club of PBS. This club provides a strong platform to the students to grow together professionally and bridge the gap between them and their dream profession. The club shall undertake activities to Enhance Professional development skills via workshops and seminars, writing Creative Briefs, come up with strong creative concepts, Presenting with Impact, learning to effectively manage up, down and across. The club also provides a platform to discuss issues related to student life and their specific field of interest by professionally connecting with industry and professors globally.

“Think Rethink” is the Research Club at PBS that desires to collaborate students and professionals to conduct research relevant to the Industry and society. The club encourages students, faculty members and professionals to write high quality original research papers, articles, case studies, book reviews, and take up industry sponsored research programmes with an objective to facilitate original and high quality research and consultancy. The Research Club shall undertake research activities such as Conference - National/International, ‘Manthan’ which is Research Article Evaluation Conclave, also publishing Journals, Edited Books, Research Series etc.
“Fit & Fine Club” (FFC) the Sports Club at PBS shall conduct various intra-college and inter- college Sports competitions to keep the environment at the college fun-filled and enthusiastic. Competitions such as ‘War Game’ having various sports competitions, like cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kho Kho, Chess, Carrom etc. shall be held to bring students together in a spirit of sportsmanship over matches held between juniors and seniors, students and teachers, current students and Alumni. This will also take care of Students Health and Fitness.
Care & Share Club (CSC) is the social welfare and community service club at PBS, Pune. The club is dedicated to working with the underprivileged sections of the society which shall have tie-ups and collaborations with national NGOs, as well as social-work related local and national bodies. The club shall undertake activities like Blood Donation Camp, Donation Camp - "Krugnata", Wall of Help, CSR Fundraising Activity, Swatch Nagar Abhiyan, Cycling Day, Diwali Mandi including visits to NGO’s, old age homes, voluntary teaching programs at local schools and educational sponsorship for children. The club shall allow every member to pursue their interest, implementing innovative ideas and events and help to give back to the society. This Club helps each student to understand the importance of communities beyond the campus, exposes them to the difficulties faced by people in certain sections of our society and the functioning of NGOs linked to different causes.
“The Xpressive” is the Literature and Art Club of PBS which provides a platform to the students where their thoughts can take shape through discussions and their imaginations can find words. From logical and factual writings to creative writings where emotions can be explicitly expressed, from jamming sessions, debates and focussed group discussions to elocutions and poetry slams, Art exhibitions, Poetry and Book Reviews, the club has it all. To sum it up, it provides a platform to open the closed windows of our minds and hearts, helping us voice our opinions and articulate our thoughts. It aims at organizing events that encourage students’ interest in Literature, Art and Media as well as encourage everyone’s creativity, find out hidden talents. This club shall aim at creating a regularly updated book and Art and movie review blog and a monthly newsletter related to college events, alongside stand-alone events.
“WeClub” is the HR Club of PBS. Recognizing the role that human resources play in today’s dynamic organizations, the HR Club is founded with the sole objective to equip the students with the required industry exposure and the latest industry requirement in terms of skills and expertise in various fields of HR, learn the practicalities of the theories that they learn in the classroom. The club shall conduct an array of unique activities like Personality & Perception exercises, Book Reviews, Coffee with Corporate, Case - Study Competition, Plumbata etc. to sensitize the students to the latest changes in this field. Collaboration with Corporates, HRs and higher level executives and specialists for corporate interactions, experience sharing as well as discussions on various methodologies on HR and IR related issues shall enhance student knowhow and prepare them for their corporate journey.
“Artha Tantra” is the Finance and Investment Club of PBS, Pune. The club works to familiarize students with the concepts of managing and investing resources. Finance and Investment Club gives students an understanding of real world finances, and enables them to be better equipped to manage them. This club shall conduct activities like Themed Investment events, stock market events like Fincrotia, Bull-Race and Investia, and Case - Study Competitions etc. The club plans to include workshops and sit downs in its roster of events.
“Market Gurus or MG Club” is the Marketing club of PBS. Marketing club intends to be the connection between students’ creative efforts and real life marketing crises, and organizes events that require them to think on their feet and be dynamic in nature. This Club shall conduct events like, Mad-O-Mania, Brandonize, Mandi, Marketing Quiz, Case - Study Competition, where contestants will get opportunity to polish their marketing skills. This club shall delve into areas that include branding, advertising, marketing, product designing, digital marketing etc. providing the students with an opportunity to delve into the functioning of the corporate world, spanning from start-up ventures to multinationals.
“EdPub” is the Publication and Editorial Club of PBS. This club gives a platform to the students to develop and refine their professional writing, editorial and publishing skills to ensure objectivity and quality. The club shall edit and publish high quality News Letters, Magazines, Edited Books and articles and get ready for the Industry.
“Sanskriti” is the Cultural Club of PBS, Pune. This club shall give students a platform to showcase their talent in Dance, Singing, Drama, Skit, Choreography, Composing, Writing Songs, Poems, and Articles etc. The club shall represent our college in various events and fests all across the country. The club shall also conduct events, activities and workshops on campus and plan on collaborating with other clubs and colleges during this academic year. Fresher’s Party, Independence day, Teachers day, Ras-Garba Utsav, Any Intercollegiate Event Launch, "MILAN" - Unity in Diversity, Cultural Fest, Republic Day, Farewell etc shall be conducted by this club. Also, Fitness centric and popular dance style oriented workshops shall be planned. Cultural events have the ability to inculcate qualities like confidence, discipline, teamwork, charisma, stage presence and creativity in students. This club provides the ideal platform for every student in this college to develop these essential life skills.
“Venture Vultures” the Entrepreneurship Club of PBS shall conduct a myriad of events which shall help inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of PBS. The Club shall encourage students to have a sense of enterprise and a need to create change by having events that showcase students’ innovation and their ideas. Various Entrepreneurship-oriented events like "SPARKLE" - Innovative Idea Competition, Angel Investor, "GLIDER" - Wings to Fly Summit to get investors etc. shall be conducted which can test the planning, creativity and resource management skills of the prospective/budding entrepreneurs or students.
“Image Builder Club” is the Personality and Communication Development Club at PBS, Pune. The motto of this Club is to develop character with competence. The club emphasizes on invoking hidden soft skills which are very vital to stay and deal in the current scenario of cut-throat competition. Thus, the club shall conduct various workshops and training sessions by various experts from the professional world so as to develop communication skills, inter-personal skills, personality development, negotiation skills, selling skills, oral and writing skills and to learn about technical presentations and industrial etiquettes.
“EconoSpeak” is the Economics club of PBS, Pune which aims at increasing knowledge, fostering understanding and stimulating interest of the students in the complex and interesting field of economics. The Club plays a vital role in creating awareness about the recent happenings in the economic world among the student community and creates the linkage with the theoretical concepts taught in the class and their implications in the corporate world. Economic Discussions and debates would helps student’s stay abreast with economic happenings. The club shall conduct various events like The Economist, News Analyst, Budget Competition, Eco Quiz, case study competition with live cases from Business Houses. The club shall organize Post-Budget Panel Discussion which aims to discuss to what extent the expectations have been met by the budget and how the students look at it from the perspective of next generation of leaders.

Aside from the Students' Council, under whose purview most activities are conducted on campus, a few more initiatives are undertaken by students for students, from time to time. These initiatives offer students every opportunity to hone their leadership skills and boost their confidence, fine-tune public speaking skills, increase awareness and general knowledge, speech, debating skills, ability to think spontaneously, and stay better prepared for the particularly intensive and demanding courses.

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